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What Is XBank?

XBank is a decentralized protocol where digital assets, such as NFT owners can mint ERC20 tokens that can represent divided ownership of their digital assets such as NFTs. These tokens have governance over the digital assets that they own. After tokenized the digital assests, the owners could easily trade, or lend, or get loan from other investors just by paying back a few interest.

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Our Vision

Become a Trustless and highly decentralized Blockchain financial infrastructure.

Our Advantage

Xbank Protocal is a Community-driven, Cross-Chain NFT Automatic Lending platform and a popular Decentralized Exchange. In Xbank, the slippage and fees are much lower, the adjustment of fees is driven by the Community Proposal and more flexible. Xbank has also implemented an Algorithm-based Stable Coin (XBC) acted as a transaction medium. The development team is committed to exploring more usability and contribute a long and stable development of the whole ecosystem.

Why XBank?

In the blockchain world, it is necessary to reshape the centralized business model in a decentralized way. The digital asset exchange is only one part of it. At the same time, the centralized trading platform faces such as: power supervision, hacker stealing money, exchanges Risks such as bankruptcy and runaways, especially the control of digital assets are not in the hands of ordinary users. For the concept of disintermediation and trustless third parties, the decentralized digital asset exchange, lease and lending platform has become an encrypted world An indispensable part of the game.

Before the launch of XBank, NFT investors could only participate in auctions through platforms such as OPENSEA. Due to fierce auction competition, NFT assets are often sold at a fairly high price in the end. For holders, auction success is often It also means that a lot of asset liquidity has been lost, and people who have missed purchases because of overpriced can only have regrets.

Our Solution

XBank is a decentralized swap and lending protocol based on Ethereum. Holders of NFT assets can split the ownership of their NFT assets into standard ERC20 tokens through the XBank protocol. The token holders have a certain percentage of governance rights. Through XBank, ordinary investors will easily buy and hold a certain percentage of NFT. In this way, users who had previously missed out because of the excessive pricing of certain NFTs or artists (such as Beeple) can purchase part of their favorite works. In addition, subdividing NFTs can enable NFT holders to obtain some liquidity from their NFT assets without having to sell all of their assets. XBank is fully deployed on the chain, and any individual user can freely split their NFT, freely trade, lend or borrow, without the registration, identity verification and withdrawal restrictions of centralized exchanges.

XBank supports any individual users to issue NFTs split into ERC20 tokens on XBank and create a corresponding fund pool. When a certain ERC20 transaction pool or ERC20 and ERC20 transaction pool is created, the platform encourages all participants in the same fund Exchange or borrow in the pool, and give the first liquidity provider who provides liquidity in this contract the right to set the exchange rate between this ERC20 token and ETH (or ERC20 token), and give the liquidity provider all transaction fees (0.3% of transaction volume).

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Xbank Protocal is a Community-driven, Cross-Chain NFT Automatic Lending platform and a popular Decentralized Exchange.